Actie tegen het gesloten centrum in Steenokkerzeel.

A rally is planned to shout against the gates of the closed center 127bis, whose wing “families” was inaugurated by the confinement of a mother and her 4 children on August 13, 2018.
Shout against this government and those before that allowed the construction of closed centers alias prisons for foreigners and in support of all forced exiles who are locked up, deported, tortured, humiliated in these centers.

We were 2,500 on August 15 in front of the Manneken Pis, let us be thousands in front of the center to denounce this ignominy for which Belgium is reprehensible in court.

“Because Europe kills every day,
Because seas, mountains and deserts have become, before our eyes, mass graves,
Because the security, the militarization of the borders and the confinement are the only answers given by the States to women, men and children trying to guarantee or improve their existence,
Because the roundups, confinement and expulsions of migrants have developed industrially,
Because closed centers are a link in this inhuman mechanics,
Because humiliation, imprisonment, insults and beatings are commonplace, confinement in itself is intolerable,
Because no one is illegal and dehumanization always leads to the abomination,
Because the state organizes the criminalization of human assistance to migrants,
Because the Belgian government, uninhibited, every day exceeds all our fears in this area and we do not recognize in this policy the worst!!

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